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Bio char

Retail  Bio-Char amendment for gardens or plantings.

Bio char as sustainable media That builds structure in soils

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​    ​What is Bio-Char?

Residential Reforestation uses our custom Char-Media Blend when constructing rain gardens, bio filters, french drains and when planting naturalized conservation areas to improve soil structure, capture pollutants and improve Water purity and health.

​​Because of the way biochar is made, it’s extremely porous and its sponge-like structure lends itself well to water conservation.
Biochar will increase water-holding capacity and cation exchange capacity of soil. Water-holding capacity in sandy soils can be increased by up to 22% and soil compaction ameliorated by 15%

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​Biochars can immobilize zinc and copper from contaminated soils, and also pesticides and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP’s).


​ONE GALLON  By volume      US $ 10.00  +SH

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Why Bio-Char: 

1)     Biochar won’t decompose unlike standard organic soil amendments

2)    Retains plant nutrients and water in soils and hosts organic microbial communities

3)     Captures and stores pollutants including Heavy metals , excess nitrogen, phosphorus and Pesticides in both soil and water .

4)    Made with recycled Materials from the waist biomass of local industries.

​inoculate and mix with local  or imported soil

also great for pond inflow filter media