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Rain gardens capture runoff with specialized soils including Char-media and aggregate mixes PLUS attractive native and wetland plants. There are all kinds of applications for these affordable Green Infrastructure designs.



​ Rain Gardens

We employ gravel, compost, wood chip and bio-char medium to manage residential non-point nitrogen sources. In these systems, wood chips and bio-char media serve as the support system for micro-organisms and provide a constant source of organic substrate to improve denitrification (clean up) . 

These passive systems are great at handling the highly variable flow rates and nitrogen concentrations in storm water! 

They are considered a low impact development (LID) technology and a structural best management practice (BMP) used in storm water management. ​ Residential Reforestation has multiple design options for your specific runoff conditions.

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french drains 

dry well installations 

buffer plantings

naturalized area plantings 

  On site consultation and recomendations for keeping your trees healthy .

Certified Arborist

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Invasive Species Control

Underground site design 

Certified arborist with decades of shrub and ornamental tree trim work 

native alternative landscape Plantings

experienced in identifying and working with clients to address tree health issues and making recommendations for management of the trees and shrubs in the landscape 

 Residential Reforestation

Conservation landscaping is a method for improving water quality and control through the application of Environmental friendly low impact designs that capture excess Rain water and runoff while increasing localized native plant diversity.

  Residential Reforestation has applied all kinds of practiced solutions to help reduce pollution in our water systems. We use a common sense approach to Low Impact Design (LID) systems that remove toxins and improve land and water quality.